1. The earlier you use anti-aging products the better. Prevention is key!
  2. To find out what the strongest or most amounts of ingredients are in your beauty and skin care products, look for the top 1-3 in the ingredients list.
  3. After washing and conditioning your hair, finish off with a cold rinse to seal the hair cuticle giving the appearance of shine.
  4. BEPANTHAN ointment and GAIA Nipple cream are both amazing Lip treatments.

Bepathan- soothes, heals and protects skin.. fragrance-free and preservative free

Gaia nipple cream-(my Favourite) moisturises, soothes and protects with organic oils and free from lanolin, mineral oil, petrochemicals.  If both are good enough for babies they are perfect and safe for our lips.

5. Did you know by wearing RED lipstick it makes you feel more confident, people listen to you 20% more and studies have even shown that men are willing to spend more money on women during a date if she wore red! Even a waitress that wore red lips will be tipped more than those wearing another color. The right shade of red can be very empowering. My go-to Reds are ‘Dragon Girl’ by NARS Cosmetics, DIOR Iconic ‘#999 matte Red’, and MAC cosmetics old faithful ‘Ruby Woo’.

Feature Image; Beauty Archive Magazine @beautyarchiveofficial/ Photographer/ Mann @mannbutte Makeup/Sarah Damichi @sarahdamichimakeupandhair