With an overwhelming plethora of products on the market it’s no wonder people find it easier to totally give up on skincare, or possibly they might just use a standard moisturizer that will only hydrate or give a feeling of nourishment. This type of skin maintenance is still needed but it will not work on long-term aging.

I am often being asked what products I use and what I would recommend. My skin looks younger than many peers my age and whilst I can thank 20% of the aging process to my genes, a whopping 80% of all our aging process is caused by environmental factors (sun, pollution, sugar, smoking) so it’s important to maintain healthy skin.

There is no one quick fix, miracle cream or laser that’s going to fix it all but more of a long-term investment of looking after your skin. Start in your 20’s or from the get-go when you feel you need too, and most importantly don’t stop! Have a good routine always and if you can afford a more intensive salon treatment with the help of lasers, IPL, light therapy, dermabrasions, galvanic and peels to name a few.  Do it! It all helps.

The good news is it’s NEVER too late to reverse damage and slow down the aging process.

Top Tip– Always wash your makeup off! I will never forget learning that everytime we sleep with our makeup on our skin ages a few days. Eeek!

The best topical skin products that I have used and recommend for aging are without doubt serums, provitamins, and Acids.  This is where you should invest your top dollar. You can get away with spending less on the other steps in your routine but when it comes to serums don’t cut back.

VITAMIN C – 20+ or when you start your skincare routine


  • Firms the skin as it works on collagen,
  • Gives elasticity as it works on elastin
  • Brightens the skin
  • Is a strong antioxidant that works against free radicles (those nasties that destroy cells)


  • Powerful antioxidant and nutrient ( Works beautifully in synergy with Vitamin C)

VITAMIN A-  30+ or earlier. Especially if you’re a sun lover, smoker and loves sugar. Lather this on you now!

  • refines and smooths skin texture
  • reduces visible signs of aging
  • helps clear blemishes and skin imperfections

ACIDS- 20+ depending on skin concern

Acids exfoliate and resurface the top layers of skin working on aging and aiding in better product absorption. They can also help with collagen count.

  • Lactic-  good for dryer skin
  • Salicylic- Good for acne or problematic skin
  • Glycolic- mature and dryer skin

Hyaluronic -20+

A powerful humectant that attracts and retains water to your skin

Serums and Acids that actually work!…

  • VITAMIN C–  Zelens power C, Rational super antioxidant serum, Obaji C serum, Timeless C serum, Claudalie Polyphenol C15 serum
  • VITAMIN E– Rational super antioxidant serum with A, C, and E, Alpha H, Body shop E serum
  • VITAMIN A–  Zelons power A, Rational DNA serum
  • ACIDS          – Zelons PHA pads, Dermalogica resurfacing pads, Pixi glow tonic
  • HYALURONIC – Ageless Hyaluronic serum,, Paulas Choice Hyaluronic Acid Booster

A new powerful product I’ve introduced to the skincare routine that I’m loving…

Provitamin Power D by Zelons

  • replenishes lipids lost with aging (dry skin)
  • helps build skincare resilience
  • protects skin against environmental damage


If you are still stuck on a Brand or what to go for I highly recommend the Zelons or the Rational range. You won’t be disappointed. Everything is amazing in these ranges. Using science all ingredients working effectively to trigger cellular repair and regeneration. All products are powerful with anti-aging benefits.

……and If all the above is still overwhelming, in summery go straight for….

ZELENS– Power A and C and the Bio peel PHA Resurfacing Pads. If you have extra cash I highly recommend the Power D as well… or..

RATIONAL– DNA serum and the Super antioxidant serum along with an acid such as the Dermalogica resurfacing pads.

These Brands and products are an excellent start and will be a great game changer for your skin


This is not a paid post. Cover feature Images; Photographer Mazen Absurour @mazenabusrour/Hair & Makeup Sarah Damichi @sarahdamichimakeupandhair/ Styling Jade Chilton @jadestyledirector for Emirates Women Magazine @emirateswomen