Recently I attended Kat Von D’s fabulous beauty brow event that was literally DA bomb and off the charts in terms of production at no expense spared. I was picked up by a personal chauffeur to be driven out to a private plane which flew a group of us to Melbourne. We had so much fun meeting and greeting Kat Von D artistry collective team to learn all about the new impressive brow collection, as well as hands-on playing with the product on ourselves and each other. The day ended with an upbeat celebration cocktail party supported by hot chick DJs, Canapes and the best margarita I’ve seriously ever had which also helped me with a little shut-eye on the plane back to Sydney ūüėČ

I was keen to really try and wear this brow collection for a few days to find out if all the hype was worthy, and suffice to say I am indeed a fan!

After a few decades,¬†my brows are still suffering from that awful 90’s thin brow trend which I entirely blame the supermodels… Kate Moss,¬†I’m looking at you kid! Luckily they grew back a little thicker but I still I have sparse brows with patches that need filling in. I already use the Kat Von D contour kit and the tattoo liner in my professional makeup kits and I love them both but what’s brilliant about this brand is everything is long wear¬†and or waterproof as well as all being Vegan!!¬† Yessssss!.. a¬†big tick in my books.

This Brow Collection is the Biggest brow collection EVER and this is why I rate them up there as my now numero uno!…



This waterproof pomade delivers budge proof, smudge proof brows that don’t come off until you want them to. From workouts to endless dancing, nothing stands a chance against this sweat-proof formula. With an unprecedented array of 16 shades. 7 neutral brown tones, 7 Artistry colours, a white for customising and the most exciting one I’m super keen to have in my makeup kit is the ‘Bleach’ for bleached brow looks.

 This pomade has been a game changer for me to fill in the blank spots where I have no hairs. I use the Kat Von D #70 firm angled brush specially designed to deliver the best tiny hair strokes needed. Being vegan these pomades can also be used anywhere on the face so doubling up as an eyeshadow, Bonus!

Pomade- $28.00, Brush- $27.00 Sold at Sephora


Brow struck is a brow powder with a twist. Its unique 3D semi-metallic finish is made to mimic the natural sheen of real hair plus it has a built-in primer to enhance grip and wear time. This high pigment brow powder is the first to deliver, waterproof, smudge-resistant brows that last up to 12hrs plus it can also be doubled as a dimensional eyeshadow RRP $30


Tip; For best results use the Kat Von D #75 Brush. This brush is a unique design that actually deposits and blends the powder as it grooms the brow hairs. RRP $27

To summarise¬†why I love this collection so much and why it has become my new go-to for my brow makeup is…

  1. It doubles up as a two in one product for both brows and eyes
  2. Longwear/Smudge-proof/budge proof/sweat proof
  3. 100% Vegan
  4. A wide variety of colours and tones
  5. You Can create many types of brows from coloured to full and fluffy, and from fine to fierce
  6. I love the effect bleached brows give to photos but bleaching them is time-consuming¬†using chemicals which often the model won’t be up for as well as having to dye them back to original colour.With the bleach pomade, I can create this look in an instance¬†which will wash off. A pomade product will of course never be as good as the real deal of bleaching but it’s a great option to be creative.

For more serious brow issues ie Shaping, Tinting, Henna and Micro-blading come in and see Sharon Lee or myself Sarah Damichi for the best brow Wow experience at Sharon Lee Salon, Thursday- Friday, 51 Queen Street, Woollahra Phone 1300769001

Makeup by Artist at Kat Von D and Hair by me Sarah Damichi. Photography by Tina Patni