It’s no surprise I am a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s Night cream as I absolutely love all of her products I’ve used so far.

I have respected Charlotte as one of the best make-up artists globally for many years so I knew whatever she would release was going to be of high standard, however, I had no idea I would be so enthusiastic and excited just how good they were. With so many products and ranges on the Market, it’s hard to shine through and stamp your mark.

When it comes to Skincare brands, I have to say I’m a bit of a purist in the fact I often prefer to keep my makeup and skincare brands separate as I have always felt the brands that focus on just skincare or Makeup are the best, however, there are always exceptions and with Charlotte Tilbury this is so true.

When Charlotte originally released her first cream being the Magic Day cream there was a huge amount of hype and interest surrounding it as it was a dream cream she had concocted herself using on models for years which everyone loved and wanted which became a huge success when released. So, as you can imagine the night cream had a lot at stake riding on the back of the famous and popular day cream.

I’m so happy to say this night cream is so LUSH!! I absolutely love it because it really does exactly what it says. When you wake up your skin feels softer, plumper and glowing! I think I’ve discovered this cream at just the right time as it nourishes and hydrates my skin that this new winter season has taken away. I look at this product like its a roast dinner for my skin that feeds, repairs and nourishes to the maximum capabilities whilst my skin is asleep and regenerating. It’s also fabulous after a big night out and would be amazing to use whilst flying due to its rich moisturising properties.



•Winter Daphne Stem Cell Extract, Time Released Retinol and Red Algae that all work to rejuvenate, improve and protect your skin.

• Olus oil and caster seed oil intensely moisturises for smooth skin


30+ but ideal for mature skin


Mature, Dry, Combination


Ideal if you want a rich nourishing anti-ageing moisturiser. Great for winter and travelling on planes.


Warm up in hands and massage into face. fabulous to layer over serums.


It’s a very rich cream so it does have a bit of a sticky feeling at first but will absorb and work its magic overnight.


$185 available at

Featured images Hair and makeup by Sarah Damichi