Lipstick-wearing lipstick makes you look younger because as you start to age you lose colour in our lips.

Lips– Darker colours on the lips will make lips appear smaller and can also be ageing.

Primers What do they do?  Primers are either water-based or silicon-based. Primers have multi-benefits depending on which one you buy. They all help your foundation to be applied more evenly and prolong the wear, but they can also control oil and even blur imperfections. They act as a mask on the face so when you apply your foundation it doesn’t absorb and disappear as much as it would without a primer. You may find if your primer and foundation is compatible it will also be more effective for example use water-based primers with water-based foundations or silicon-based primers with silicon-based foundations.

Necks-Often our necks will be lighter than our face due to it not catching any sun because our chins act as a shade cover. Don’t forget to even out this area with either foundation or bronzer so it’s uniform with your face and chest. It’s not a good look seeing a darker bronzed face and body with a white neck!

Concealer- Always have two shades in your makeup bag. One the same colour as your foundation to correct any blemishes still visible through your foundation and another one that is one to two shades lighter for brightening under your eyes. Eye corrector colours (depending on your correction needed) and brightening eye pens are great amazing.



Pink/Peach cancels out darkness under eyes, blue veins and dullness for light to medium skin tones.

Green cancels out redness in the face.

Orange/Red cancels out darkness on skin tones that are deeper than medium (basically very olive/dark skin that has darkness under the eye

Blue/Lavender Cancels out sallowness.

FYI– Almost every makeup company does correctors these days. I recommend-IT Cosmetics (bye bye undereye), Becca has a great one for light/medium skin tone and one for medium/deep, Drugstore brands such as Maybelline or Nyx have a good pallet with all the colour correctors and Dior does all correctors to name just a few.


Brightening Pens– Used under the eye to add brightness to the area. Sometimes I will even just use these if I don’t need much concealing or I don’t feel like wearing too much makeup. I will use these pens to add a light touch of concealing and brightness. I like the YSL touche eclat and Dior Flash Luminizer.


In what order do I apply these products?

1 Foundation

2 Corrector

3 Concealer

4 Brightening Pen


FEATURED IMAGE- photography Kristina Soljo @ksoljo/stylist Alissa Thomas @alissajaythomas/Hair&Makeup Sarah Damichi @sarahdamichimakeupandhair