Setting and finishing products are often thought to have very similar goals (to help makeup last longer) however they are two completely different products creating different effects and finishes.


In this category, we have setting powders and setting sprays. Both have the same result and that is to set and lock in your makeup so it doesn’t move or budge.

TIP-  Setting Powders- If you have a dry or Mature skin you might want to miss this step all together as having fewer oils on your skin your makeup doesn’t slip. If you still want to set your makeup for maybe a special occasion or on a small area that  has more oils like the t zone, use a powder brush to press and roll the powder onto your skin. If you have oily skin try a powder puff to press and roll into the skin. The puff will absorb more oil and give a more a poreless matte finish.

Recommended Products

Laura Mercier-translucent powder

Ben Nye- Luxury powder

Kat Von D– lock it setting powder

Urban Decay– all nighter spray

Kat Von D– Lock it spray


Finishing Products also have two categories of powders or sprays. The result of these are both the same however one is a powder and one is a spray. These are to give the skin a Finishing effect. Ie a Dewey, radiant, poreless, smooth or blurred look to the skin. These are used last on top of setting products. They make the skin look a little more beautiful before you walk out the door. These do not set your makeup but rather give your skin an end result. If you have mature or dry skin these are often enough for your end result over foundation.

Recommended Products

Hourglass ambient lighting powders- (Love, love these powders so much! You can read my review of them in the product reviews )

IT Cosmetics– bye bye pores finish airbrush powder

MAC– Mineralise skin finish powder

Tatcha Spray- Luminous Dewey Skin

Makeup Forever- finishing spray

TIP– If you are to use both setting and Finishing products, use setting first and finishing last.

If you have a Dry skin you might feel a setting spray is better than a dry powder.

GOOD NEWS!! If you are time poor there is a hybrid product that does both sets and finishes!! The clever Marc Jacobs has created the Beauty Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist. I love the coconut smell of this product as it reminds me of a tropical holiday. Speaking of holidays, don’t you think all holidays need a two in one product? This is fab!

Featured Image; Photography by Francesco Scotti/Styling Claire Carruthers/Hair by Anne Sofie Begtrup/ Makeup by Sarah Damichi